by chrisloosley (Instagram)

Finally, some actual pics of my custom Palace, which I have dubbed the "Palace 30".
It is a beautiful looking piece of art. If you are in the market for a custom guitar, and don't have thousands to spare, take a look at @palaceguitars, you won't regret it.
Everything on this guitar I chose: the white pickup rings and binding, the clear knobs, the 3-way blade switch, colour, veneer, wood, inlays (including the bull head on the headstock), the truss rod cover, the locking tuners and more.
And all of that cost me just over £500.
By far, this is my most stunning guitar, and I will treasure it, always.

 by newwoodstockmusic (Instagram)

“The guitar was my weapon, my shield to hide behind” - @brianmayforreal

A very big THANK YOU to @palaceguitars for building me my very own custom weapon and shield. They executed every detail I asked for and made a genuinely beautiful one of a kind instrument.

 by donatella928 (Instagram)

Finally got my guitar from @palaceguitars 🎸 always wanted a Flying V guitar! Thank you so much @palaceguitars
Would recommend this custom guitar to all !

 by Henry Patterson

Wow. What a fabulous guitar. I'm not even going to say what a fabulous guitar for the money, just what a fabulous guitar.
I've been playing for 30 years now and have a few guitars - including an American Tele and Strat and this Palace LP style absolutely stands up against them and in some ways is more fun to play.
I can't justify the expense of a Les Paul - I'm not that good and I don't earn money from my playing - so this Palace is perfect. More than perfect for me.

 by Patrick Wach

I ordered a Guitar about 3 months ago from Palace.
While being quite skeptical, as is my nature, The V-Shape arrived Today and I'm very Happy with the Purchase.
Most Definitely, I will order another one. My only problem is what I'll choose next.

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